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THE UNCLE PETE SHOW —————————— JUNE 15, 2022

June 16, 2022

Here’s the audio link for The Uncle Pete Show from 6/15/22. Tune in every Wednesday all summer 10pm – 1am (or later) EDT (WHRW, 90.5 FM, With the release of a would-be presidential assassin (John Hinckley) and Flag Day, the show featured a few songs related to each topic. This week’s local and Facebook friend bands included the Quintessentials, the Xiles, the Zotz, Groovie Ghoulies, Bat Hearse, the Meantime Collective, Murphy’s Law, Secret Service Men, Thru The Wires, Mantis Watch, the Lemonaids, and Mark Malibu and the Wasagas. Tune in next week for The Uncle Pete Show Summer Special! If you have a band you’d like to have heard on the show or you have a request, contact me at Listen!  Enjoy!  Share! Tell your friends about The Uncle Pete Show!!! And remember to “like” Uncle Pete Official on Facebook – the playlist for the show is over there too! Here’s the link:

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