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THE UNCLE PETE SHOW ————————————-DECEMBER 30, 2020

December 31, 2020

Here’s the audio archive for The Uncle Pete Show from Wednesday, December 30, 2020 – the last Uncle Pete Show for 2020! 3+ hours featuring punk, garage, hardcore and rockabilly.  The Uncle Pete Show will continue to happen at the earlier time of 9 PM EST over the air at WHRW, 90.5 FM and on the internet at and at our website at through at least the end of January.  This week’s show featured local and Facebook friend bands the Voltz, the Ruiners, the Mad Birds, the Disgruntled Taxpayers, Red Lokust, Lilidollrage, Cassette Apes, Virus X, Chesty Malone & the Slice ‘Em Ups, the Wipes, Other Galaxies, 1.4.5, Go Cannibal, Hung Like Hanratty, World War IX, the Cash Registers, and the Reducers.  There’s a playlist posted at Uncle Pete Official on Facebook.  And you can always reach me at unclepeteshow (without the space in there).

Listen!  Enjoy!  Share!! Make sure to tell your friends about The Uncle Pete Show!!! And remember to “like” Uncle Pete Official on Facebook!

Here’s the audio archive of the show:

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