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May 28, 2020


Here’s The Uncle Pete Classic Punk Special – Part VIII (“Just 8”) that originally aired on August 13, 1996 on WHRW, 90.5 FM.  This Classic Punk Special, like the previous seven, featured exclusively music in a punk-type vein that was over 10 years old. So all the songs were released prior to 1986.  More new bands and more new songs! More local bands on this show too including Binghamton’s own Devestation Masters, and more from Democratic Identity recorded live on the Binghamton (NY) Courthouse steps and one from the Cuneiform Yunksters containing Vince Burns (son of a former Binghamton mayor) and Doug “Draino” Drazen (former Binghamton mayoral candidate) with a song recorded live at the Ross Park Zoo (Binghamton)!  And this year marked the solidifying of the Special Special in the Special with a special feature featuring 7″ singles.  Another six hours of punk!

Originally mastered straight to 5 cassette tapes (yup, there was a little overrun to a fifth tape), there are 4 audio files, one for each tape (plus a little extra in the fourth file).  The short blank in the middle of the audio files is where the tapes were flipped from side A to side B on that day 24 years ago.  This year also features more songs they won’t let me play any more.

I’ll probably take a break from uploading U.P.S. Classic Punk Specials for a bit.  If you’re interested in another Classic Punk Special from the archives or in a show from a particular year, let me know.  There is a slight chance I may be able to risk my life and actually do The Uncle Pete Show this summer.  Opening up WHRW in a limited capacity is currently being discussed.  Keep your ears peeled.  I’ll share the results of this discussion as soon as I hear them.

There’s a playlist for the whole show at Uncle Pete Official on Facebook. More Classic Punk Specials will be coming soon!!!

Here are the links to all 4 parts of the Classic Punk Special – Part VII:

Tape 1:

Tape 2:

Tape 3:

Tape 4:

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